Kitchen Perform Surfaces

Never has there been a greater selection of labor area materials used in the kitchen. Each of which have their own pros and cons.


Laminate worktops have been the industry standard over the last 40 decades. The base materials are usually a 30 mm or 40 mm high density particalboard with a melamine wood flooring protecting. This protecting expands over the front and rear sides leaving only middle beneath remove of exposed chipboard. There are a number of colours and styles available even stone and timber replicas.

This materials are inexpensive, quite simple to utilize, demanding the lowest of tools to finish a single panel installation. Areas around any cut-out ( for hob, drain etc ) must be well enclosed to prevent ingress of normal water which is critical to this type of fabric.

Natural Wood

Modern timber areas are made of ‘splinters’ of organic timber basically stuck together to form a finish panel. A perfect option if you like the look of organic timber and it combinations with the kitchen.

This content tends to be fairly costly but some major sites have varies at very cheap prices. The normal maintenance for the maintenance of timber have to be followed otherwise the outer lining will break down eventually. Sealant must be use around all cutouts.

Granite and Marble

Marble can be used in cooking areas but due to its limestone structure it is vulnerable to attack by substances (even vinegar), family cleaners and discoloration from greasy substances. Granite is a better option for kitchen worktops consists of quarta movement and feldspar is highly immune to kitchen substances. The depth of color and lustre of these organic rocks when refined has no comparison.

Granite requires the lowest of good care usually just a wash down with warm normal soapy water. Hot dishes can be moved directly from the hob to operate area without any damage at all. Given even affordable good care, these areas will last a lifetime


If you don’t like the idea of a layer of tangible as a jobs area, think again, tangible work covers can be amazing. Concrete worktops can be supplied in a number of attractive light shades. Sleek to the touch and enclosed these countertops offer a real alternative for the contemporary house. Can be easily shaped in shapes to allow creative shapes far removed from the traditional rectangular shape.

For the amazing house, d.i.y projects are a unique possibility, there is public of information available from the internet along with specialist companies that will build and ship to requirements.


Silestone produce items which are quarta movement based, nonporous, durable and are available in a large number of colours which is perhaps the biggest advantage over diamond. Natural items have blemishes which can be considered as faults or part of the charm depending on your perspective.

Silestone is nonporous, immune to family substances and items such as tea, coffee and is therefore very as simple to maintain similar to stone in this aspect.


Manufactured by Dupont and has long been considered as the ‘Rolls Royce” of worktops. Being probably the most costly option amazingly it does require some good care. It can be broken by hot things and a cutting panel must be used. Available in a number of colours and styles and can be signed up with in an almost unseen way.

Stainless Steel

Previously considered only in the domain of commercial businesses stainless-steel is becoming more popular in the domestic market. It is ideal for an super contemporary simple style kitchen and has all the features of stainless-steel resources commonly found at house.

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